The Aeon race

The Aeon race is a race of reincarnation With each child being different from the last. they have 1,000 years to serve their purpose. They have powers of creation which is used to create one new race of their lifetime. Once this new race is created, the Aeon's life diminishes as it's creation grows stronger.  This is a bitter-sweet end and beginning. It marks a new era, as no Aeon is alike. Their purpose is to create and protect life. 

As there is only one Aeon at a time, with a brief overlap, they have to be creative with how they "make" their successor. Usually and element of some kind is used, occasionally a beast or other living thing. Which ever catalyst they pick determines the nature of the next Aeon and it's twin. With the birth of a new Aeon in the clouds, a twin is born on land. This is the beginning of a new race. While an Aeon has great power they can only create one child to succeed them, the twin race, having limited power that is borrowed from Aeon, can have multiple children and breed a long line.

Aeon can become envious of this a deal with it in different ways. The longer an Aeon goes without having a creation, the shorter the twin's life will be.

<caption>Aeon and Twin tree</caption>

Aeon Catalyst Twin Race Adaptation Corruptions
Vertema Her own Hair Kelbi   Menator, Knolls
Hectur Tree Goliath   Giants
Selen Wind Aaracokra    
Destor Crystal Genasi Earth, Fire, Water, Air  
Mada Earth Gnomes Deep, Forest  
Pepter Metal Dwarves Mountain, Hill  
Grenda Fire Dragonborn Multiple Colors  
Brutus Stone Halfling    
Xeya Clouds Assamir   Harpy
Echon Water Merfolk   Sirens
Castor Fang Tabaxi   Werebeast
Iggious Star Elves Wood, High Drow
Kyn Telvyn Human   Tieflings


The Aeon race

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